How Upvotes can row your Product

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Quora’s Q&A platform has enabled the business to understand customer voice better than ever, enabling them to interact with target customers by answering their questions thereby establishing their presence, brand and expertise.

High votes for your answers enable it to rank well in search results, the business cannot wait for a longer time to push through rank bar, at times they’ve to look out for best sites for buying Quora upvotes, because Quora for marketing has shown promising results and stats show that B2B is leveraging quora ads and got up to 4X conversion.

Before looking out for the best sites for buying quora upvotes, let’s first dive into know Why quora for marketing?

  • Has 300 Million+ monthly users
  • Has a higher concentration of adult users (18 to 35, potential buyers)
  • Q&A platform enables businesses to ask questions and answers to questions relevant to their industry/niche. (helps to understand the market need, demand and expectations)
  • Free Tool to establish and create brand awareness
  • Provides the opportunity to generate traffic and rank well in search results
  • Instead of the traditional push strategy, pull strategy of marketing can be implemented through Q&A.

Further, what’s the benefit of buying upvotes?

  • The best answer ranks at the top which has high upvotes, so basically your answer will be at the top of the search results if it has high upvotes
  • Ranking well creates more connection and engagement
  • These connections & engagements can be used to generate lead
  • More posts with high upvotes set your strong presence and reflect the expertise, it’s your content doing work for you.
  • Generate high traffic by adding links to your blogs or website or product or services in your high performing posts. 

3 blogs I would like to suggest to understand more about Quora’s strategies, 

  • If you’re using Quora for business/marketing purposes, you must know this critical quora marketing stats, which helps you understand about the why Quora for marketing.
  • Check this blog by Neil Patel, which has a Step by step guide on how to attract visitors from quora. (technicalities)
  • This blog by Ryan Stewart, it’s simplified and to the point on How to get upvotes for your answers on Quora 

Buying upvotes has a risk factor involved in it’s fake and fraudulent, the quora recognise it. So, better we should get it done through professionals.

Some of the Best sites for buying Quora Upvotes,

Some of these sites not only help you in buy quora upvotes but also to increase quora shares, followers, assist in content writing, SEO, and some even widen their services to social media optimisation and much more.

Please do read their blogs and check their work before selecting, choose the best to get the best results.


Upvotes act as a booster to reach the right place at a high pace. In quora, the earlier you answer the question it’s better as you set some standards for other writers too. And finally Remember to set goals, exactly know what you want out of your campaign and then work & look for the results.