Make money from mobile applications

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Every business person is developing mobile applications for a specific reason and nobody will develop apps for creating fun. it’s going to be assistance to their business or with the aim of earning profits for the mobile application. Not all the apps will bring earnings to you, just some apps will generate money. If you’ve got a mobile application and you would like to understand what proportion of money you’ll earn from mobile apps, it depends on the platform that you simply choose for development and sort of application

1.App platform
The most important and crucial a part of earning money through a mobile application is that the app development platform. it’s an enormous impact on revenue generation via mobile apps. Most of the people prefer ios app development, android app development, etc. But Ios apps will beat android in earnings. Ios apps are earning high in comparison to Android. 25% of ios apps are earning more $ 5000 per month and 16% of android apps earn greater than $5000 per month.


2. Apps with In-App Purchase
Mostly gaming-related applications are having this type of option and it’s the simplest one to earn money from money making apps. App developers will fix some amount to an item within the game and therefore the users who are using your gaming need to buy you to travel to subsequent level by using that item. The earning from gaming apps will reach $188.9 billion by the top of 2020.

3. App Subscription
It is one of the simplest ways to earn money through an application. By using this feature you charge money for monthly and yearly base subscriptions. it’ll generate an enormous percentage(50%) of cash in comparison to in-app purchases and other earning methods.

Finally, the cash that you simply simply can earn from your app depends on the platform and therefore the sort of revenue methods that you incorporated in your mobile application.