Optimizing Your App’s Google Play Store Listing Using ASO

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With over millions of apps piling up in the app stores, gaining the highest position for your app in the search results is pretty hard. We have hundreds of similar apps that provide the same services but with different names. This has encouraged a strong competition in the app store. Each and every app strive to make it to the top of the search results by making a number of efforts. Using a perfect strategy with the help of ASO you can improve the rankings of your app. Few developers buy app installs from an ASO company and increase the organic flow of users to their app and few of them try various methods to get their app going to the top. Google play store listing for ASO can help your app to improve the keywords rankings, conversion rate to install and encourage organic downloads.

Let us see how to implement a perfect Google play store listing using ASO

Building the right URL for your product

The URL is the very first thing you should start with because once it is set, it cannot be altered later. URL of your app serves the same function in both the Google play store and Google web search. The keywords included in the domain plays a significant role as a strong ranking factor buy app installs. There are many apps that include keywords in the URL, it has generated a great number of installs and proved that it’s worth including a few keywords in the URL.

Developer name

The developer name is also very important it will help your app’s rank in search results. Also, Google favors apps from a developer who has got a positive history of ratings and feedbacks and helps in ranking them higher in the search results.

You can try adding a few keywords in the developer name. Create a developer name that is relevant to your app and the keywords.

Building a perfect App title

The title of an app in the Google play store is an essential ASO factor that affects the search results and conversion rate to install. We know that Google allows up to 50 characters in the app title, it should be used with utmost care. Come up with a nice and catchy brand name which is easy to spell and easy to remember by the users. It is important to stuff in most relevant keywords next to your brand name. Doing so will significantly improve the keywords rankings of your app.

Short Description

A short description field is provided in the Google play store, where you can tell your users what your app does. This field has proven to have a strong effect on the ASO in keywords rankings and conversion rate. You can utilize up to 80 characters for the short description. It should be well composed because it will be highlighted and it will be the first thing users read about your app. The right thing to do is to but the main keywords and core functionality of your app.

Purpose of Description

The description in the google play store is very essential as an app itself. Here you can give precise information about your app and its functions. It is responsible for influencing search and conversion. The maximum length for a description in the Google play store is 4000 characters.

Tips for a perfect description:

  • Use the full character capacity of the description.
  • Localization – Remember that the mobile world is global, the use of your app can be from different countries. Make sure to localize the description to all the main languages as possible.
  • Add as many as core keywords in the first few lines and last few lines to improve the ranking of those keywords.
  • Brief the best and unique features of the app.
  • Add social media links, it is a very efficient way to communicate with the users in the future.

Creative Icon

Your app icon is the first ever interaction with your user. It is a visual essence of your application. A creative and attractive icon is key to get a perfect appearance.

It impacts on the conversion rate and has the most impact on the search ASO.

Bringing a perfect ASO strategy in to picture is a never-ending process. Even if you buy app installs, reviews, ratings or by the above ASO techniques. Be it using any marketing strategy, your app has to be under constant experimentation and monitoring the progress of your app. So, keep read more on trying new things and optimizing your Google Play store listing.