Popular Foods That Complement Every Graduation Party

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Does graduation only mark the end of an academic phase? Certainly not! Graduation also marks the beginning of a celebration for successfully making it through a phase of life. Thus, every convocation ceremony deserves to be followed by a graduation party. 

But, for many, deciding the menu for the graduation party can appear more challenging than attempting the final exams. To lift the burden, here are some food recommendations that can help add perfection to every graduation party:

1. Pizza and momo:

Pizzas and momos prove to be versatile and crowd-pleasing choices for graduation parties. Mini pizzas can serve as starters, while larger ones can be the main course. With their universal appeal across all age groups, pizzas and momos offer a safe bet to satisfy diverse palates. The vast array of toppings/fillings ensures that every guest is likely to find a flavour they like. 

Moreover, momos and pizzas can be prepared quicker than other starters. This makes them a convenient option for parties with a lot of guests. A food delivery app can easily handle bulk pizza orders and deliver them quickly, courtesy of the shorter preparation time.

2. Salads:

While not everyone may love salads, they should still be included in a graduation party menu. Salads help stimulate appetites before the main dishes. Most types are also healthy as they contain minimal oil content and more fibre or protein. Guests may choose any salad they want – whether seafood salads, leafy greens, or others. This variety ensures the inclusion of everybody’s preferences and diets. 

3. Biryani:

Biryani can be the main course and offer a filling meal, ensuring that guests can thoroughly enjoy the celebration without the distraction of hunger. It can come in many vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties while retaining the hallmark smokey flavour. Thus, biryani is likely to be liked by everyone, including picky eaters. Biryani can also be easily prepared in large quantities, which makes it a practical choice for hosting larger gatherings. An online biryani delivery service can easily sustain the demands of large gatherings.

4. Cakes:

No party is complete without a cake being cut. Graduation parties aren’t indifferent. This sweet treat can be served as a dessert option after the main course. However, customers should be aware that the preparation and instant delivery of fresh cakes isn’t always possible. If cakes are to be ordered, hosts should ideally order ahead of time to ensure that the preparation is completed in a timely manner. Cakes can take longer to be ready than pizzas and other foods, depending on the customizations requested. Cakes can be customized with the graduates’ school colours or emblems to offer a unique celebratory touch. A well-decorated cake could be the centrepiece that honours every graduate’s achievements. 

5. Ice creams:

Ice cream can be included in the after-party portion of a graduation celebration. Its flavours and toppings are usually more diverse than those of cakes. Thus, it can also be provided as an option to those who may not want cake as dessert. Further, its portable nature makes it convenient for anybody to savour it during the celebration. 

To conclude, each graduation party can have a unique menu based on who’s attending. Nonetheless, the options above showcase the common dishes or foods that people prefer. Pizzas, ice cream, or foods with multiple varieties can be perfect if the host isn’t sure about everyone’s preference or if there are too many guests attending. These foods can be easily ordered through a food delivery app.