Tips & Tricks On How To Save Money While Using A Credit Card

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Gone are the days when credit cards were seen as a luxury. With the arrival of companies providing credit cards online, it has become easy for almost everyone to acquire a credit card. However, to get the best out of every SBI credit card payment, you must learn how to use them properly and save money.

Here are a few ways to save money through your credit cards:

  • Choose Your Card Wisely

The market is filled with credit card companies that offer attractive deals. However, it is up to you to find the ones that suit your shopping and spending patterns the most. Suppose you enjoy online shopping a lot. In that case, search for credit cards that are associated with the leading eCommerce platforms. This way you can get good discounts and rewards. Yes, it will take some effort to find the right pick, but a few hours of research on the internet can help you make big savings in the future.  

  • Understand Your Card Benefits and Charges

To enjoy good rewards and benefits by making sbi credit card online payment, you must pay the bills on time and avoid penalties. Therefore, you must understand the policies regarding repayment to avoid them. Also, take some to entirely understand how the reward cycle works. This will help you get the most out of the deals and avoid any hidden charges. 

Try to make early payments to boost your credit score and to get better rewards. 

  • Redeem Your Reward Points

What is the point of earning rewards if you don’t use them before they expire? Yes, you read it right: the rewards you get from the credit card company have an expiration date. It is up to you to stay updated on when these rewards expire. Do not let the rewards go to waste by keeping them for too long.
Here is how you can redeem your rewards:

  1. Avail of an attractive discount on your next credit card bill
  2. Claim a discount on your next credit card transaction
  3. cashback options on a UPI app
  4. To get a gift card or other things
  5. For hotel or flight bookings,


  • Make Timely Repayments

As you go on and spend more to get the best rewards, make sure to monitor spending so you don’t miss out on paying the credit card bills. Once you miss a date, the interest rates will shoot up. Use UPI or other online payment methods to make on-time payments. 

  • Avoid Cash Withdrawals

Credit cards give you the freedom to withdraw cash, but they apply some charges on each transaction. Credit card withdrawals range between 2.5-3%. A specific amount of interest and other charges are also applied to the withdrawn amount.
Therefore, it is wise to stay away from cash withdrawals using your credit card. This should be easy as online payments have already taken the driver’s seat in the overall payments scene. 

Conclusion: The Final Word

Credit card payments have become increasingly popular, and why not? They make our lives easier. However, using them without care can cause a lethal blow to your finances. Use the tips in the article to save more money on each credit card transaction and to earn the best rewards on every Sbi credit card payment online that suits your lifestyle.