Type Of Rewards That Can Be Redeemed From Health Reward Apps

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It’s no secret that exercising is a biologically rewarding activity. After all, who’s untouched by the feel-good effects of dopamine and serotonin? Dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline are three neurotransmitters that are known to be regulated through exercise. In simpler terms, our bodies naturally release these neurotransmitters when we indulge in exercise, leading to improved mood and reduced stress. 

However, working out doesn’t have to be all about churning these happy chemicals; it can also be about collecting materialistic rewards! Can’t connect the dots? We’ll help you.

Introducing health rewards apps.

 Let’s first discuss what they are:

As the name suggests, fitness rewarder apps are mobile applications that work in conjunction with wearable devices to track fitness and provide rewards when an individual reaches a particular threshold during a workout. This threshold can be the time you have an elevated heart rate, the number of miles you’ve run, the number of steps walked, or anything else that a wearable device can measure. Once you’ve crossed the threshold, you get to redeem some rewards. 

Some health and exercise apps also reward users for maintaining streaks. Each streak may constitute an individual completing a certain workout challenge or attaining a set target in a day or week.

Cashback and discounts are two of the most common types of rewards available on health reward apps. These incentives encourage individuals to stay committed to their fitness goals. 

Even though health and fitness day rewards apps provide incentives, it doesn’t mean that there is no limit to it. Most health reward apps reward on a weekly or monthly basis. This helps promote a balanced and sustainable approach to health and fitness, preventing individuals from overexerting themselves in pursuit of rewards.

Furthermore, many reward apps only accept statistics reported by the wearable device and not the user, which translates to a reliable and more accurate tracking system. 

On what products can you get the rewards?

1. Gym equipment: Cashback and discounts can be redeemed on gym equipment such as yoga mats, dumbbells, or fitness trackers, allowing you to build a home gym at a fraction of the cost.

2. Groceries: Some apps have tie-ups with grocery suppliers that provide you with rewards on grocery items. By achieving health goals, users may get fitness rewards in the form of a cashback or discount on certain grocery items. This concept encourages individuals to make better and healthier food choices

3. Pharmaceuticals: Rewards earned on health reward apps can be used to purchase vitamin supplements or other pharmaceutical products at a reduced cost.

4. Gym sessions and membership: Users can get gym memberships or gym sessions at a reduced rate if you earn a cashback or discount that can be used at a gym that has a partnership with the health reward app.

5. Sportswear: Staying active often requires appropriate sportswear, and these apps recognize that. Users can earn rewards that are redeemable for sportswear, including athletic shoes, activewear, and accessories.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the concept of health reward apps is well-thought-out, as it checks off all the boxes of genuineness and transparency. By incorporating the use of wearable technology and these apps during workouts, you can get a golden chance to ease the load on your wallet as you burn off some calories.